Hi, I’m new to the community and unreal. I’m actually new to game engines in general. But I’m studying graphic design and have been working with design programs for about 4 years. Gaming is something I do on the regular, so I thought I would give Unreal a go :slight_smile: Anyway, this thread was intended to introduce myself into the community and to get as much help as I can! :slight_smile: I believe the best place to start would be terrain. I would love to build beautiful terrain, and I have looked into doing height maps. I could use all the advice I can get. So, with that being said. What would be the best way to get started with building the terrain? I have looked up some videos on YouTube, and they were a covered the basics but not much to where I could make an entire land. Any tips and tricks that you guys use to create? :slight_smile: thank you for all the advice, its much appreciated.

Welcome!!! :smiley:

-use a combination between world machine (or a similar tool) and the landscape tool
-take a look at some landscapes from epic games → learn tab of the launcher (kite demo, landscape demo,…)
-get used to the UE4 material system → a good material is crucial for a landscape

Some useful links:
basics - Landscape Quick Start Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation
all information - Landscape Outdoor Terrain | Unreal Engine Documentation

Thanks a lot! I appreciate it! :smiley: