Well I was playing my level today and the survey popped up but it dissappeared before I could click it because I didn’t notice it till the last second, so maybe a menu bar to take the surveys.

Oh it would be awesome if I could inceptionize blueprints, don’t know if anyone posted that yet. But I was following the tutorials on lights a few months ago, and I tried to add a blue print to a blueprint and I couldn’t. I was trying to build a room as a blueprint cause I made the ceiling fall when triggered and stuff nothing spectacular but I had a couple of lights in the scene and I wanted to add them to the room as separate blueprints to build out the logic for the light the stick them inside the logic for the room.

I’ve really been playing with the paper 2d stuff lately though and I think that’s what I’m trying to go with since I’m the I in me. Anyway, I couldn’t get the move to node working with a sprite I haven’t tried flip book yet, but it would be nice to have move to work with sprites as well, I wanted to make a spike trap that fires into the air, really not much of a need for a flip book. I guess I could always do a sparkle on the spike though.

I tried to add a normal map to the sprite, it basically over rode the texture of the sprite, which I was hoping to use a mask to add a grass normal map to the grass and a dirt normal map to the dirt on my ground for instance, but it changed the render geometry. I was hoping that there would be a way to keep the collision geometry as the render geometry though, but I didn’t see any way to do that.

I also tried the nav mesh on some my little goblin sprite, and my ground sprites but that didn’t work either.
I mean duh it’s brand new lol, anyway, a friend suggested raycasting a collision system, but I don’t think that he understood that the move to wasn’t working unless it would be a simple move to, anyway one thig that would be cool for a 2d game would be if when you dropped all the pieces into the editor the snapped to zero on the y axis (I think) because for every sprite I had to flip to the side view and pull them back to zero, or at least close to the blue line, after a few dozen pieces that’s a lot of back and forth.

Or maybe have three layers that you could drop them into the level by folders: foreground, middle ground, and background?

Oh back to blueprints though there’s a level blueprint but maybe have a game wide blueprint that handles the logic for the game, that you can add nodes too through the editor. I know there’s a game type but I didn’t see anyway to get in there and set specific rules for the game through blueprints. That could just be something I haven’t learned yet though, there’s so much stuff!

Open level is super simple and really fast (with a map with nothing in it.), that’s awesome! Maybe if there was a preload level node like there used to be in kismet that plugs a connection on open level so when there’s multiple paths or levels you could take the level loading and stuff is kinda organized.

Hope helps. .

Hi Kreevo. That exists already. You can go into the components of a blueprint and add a Child Actor Component that will hold another Blueprint within the Blueprint. I am not very familiar with Paper2D, but I will have another dev come and address your comments and questions.

Yeah I feel kinda dumb lol, like the week I posted I found a bunch of tutorials that went over most of stuff.