Hello we are Nexus Division Entertainment Inc and we are hiring part-time positions.

The game is a competitive PvP medieval fantasy survival castle simulator MMORPG so please have interest in this genre before applying.

I will keep this short and to the point, our game is Legion: The Eternal War a PC MMORPG that has been crowdfunding and we have been earning additional funding support from multiple backers.
We are currently looking to expand our team with the following roles, all part-time. We can change these to full-time once funding increases.

We are looking for a 2D lead artist who can improve the design of our website, game interface, and create digital illustrations .You will likely be the person who creates the entire vision of the game and continues to stay employed with Nexus Division Entertainment Inc for a very long time. We are looking for a person who is able to commit a few hours a week to start and then as money continues to flow we will increase the amount of hours that can be worked. The art style is highly realistic

The team is also in need of a talented animator , at this time we are using marketplace assets and we would love to start replacing the animations with our own so we can properly showcase the vision of the game to our backers and potential supporters. Our programmers are highly skilled but become very limited when we are using unreal engine marketplace assets. Everything moving forward must be custom, it is hurting our business to use marketplace assets.

We have tons of content created, we need a professional writer / copyrighter to help with editing long paragraphs of content, creating news articles and other various roles which involve writing. Knowledge of short but powerful text would be appreciated.

The project needs some 3D models created to enhance the vision of the game. There will be many opportunities to create 3D models and once we start working together we can prioritize them and get them done. The art style is highly realistic.

We will be modifying our website soon and we will be posting additional jobs there by the end of the week, please feel free to contact us if you feel you could be a help to the development.
My name is Cody and our email is

You can find information about legion by visiting