Hello we are experience a crash in Builds, we are using UE 5.1.1. Error : Assertion failed: TaskIndex >= LIST_COUNT

[2023.06.30-21.40.22:381][723]LogWindows: Error: appError called: Assertion failed: TaskIndex >= LIST_COUNT [File:C:\Users\Administrator\Perforce\Unreal\Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Private\VT\VirtualTextureTranscodeCache.cpp] [Line: 303]

To add more context, this is happening when activating or unloading Data layers, I am using Landscape with runtime virtual textures, RVT size:
Size of virtual texture in Tiles : 11
Size of each virtual texture tile : 3

Tried the lowest sizes Crash keeps happening
Not sure if it is related, but that’s the only place virtual textures are being used

Bumping, anyone figure this out? We’re using World Partition, RVT landscape, and VT quixel assets.