hello, the MediaPlayer::OnEndReached is not work.

Hello, I have a trouble.


As above figure, the log can print “OnEndReached” in console, but “ToggleVisibilily” is not run.

I try to set a Keyboard event, it is work all right.

I need some help to fix it.


What exactly is your OnEndReached custom event (i.e. How are you triggering it)?

~ Jason


When the video play finished, the “OnEndReached” is triggering.

I want to toggle movie texture to invisible, when the movie has completed.


If you push the A key is the video’s visibility toggled?

If that’s the case, then it would seem the Custom OnEndReached Event has and error with it.

Can you show me the setup for that system?

~ Jason



The console has printed two messages.



When the blueprint editor has closed and play, I found the “OnEndReached” do not triggering.

The console doesn’t print the message.

I don’t know, how to expain it…


All right.

I had fixed my trouble, as above figure.

I’m wrong to set event directly. It must be with “bind”.

Thank you very much bro, i had more time looking for a solution to this issue, and finally i found it, at time.

Again, thank you very much.