Hello! nice to meet you! - Introduction-

Hello everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I am new to Unreal Engine and the forums and wanted to make some friends! From what I have seen so far everyone is great and helpful to each other. It’s really great!

A little about myself,

I am from California, born and raised. I’m eighteen years old and recently graduated from High School, which is really nice now that I can sleep in, ha. I am a Police Explorer with my local department (an explorer is like a junior program in a way, we conduct traffic control and on a rare basis security. We compete in Police Explorer Competitions where we do many different thinks like active shooter, officer down rescue, shooting simulator, high-risk vehicle stops, hogan’s alley (dark building clearing with air soft), and pedestrian stop. For the last two years I have been in Administration of Justice through my school, whereas if you get accepted into the second year Advanced Administration of Justice you get the opportunity to intern at a department. I interned with my local Marshals Office and my county District Attorney’s Office for three months each. I have been involved with content creating for about seven years, starting with re-texturing cars, different video projects, and much more! My plans for Unreal Engine is to create a short film or a video series. I am very excited for the future and cant wait to learn more involving content creation with Unreal. If anyone has any questions for me, just ask! I hope you all have a great day! and nice meeting you!

sincerely yours,

welcome to the forum:)

Thank you very much!

Welcome aboard buddy! :smiley:

Hey , welcome to the forums! Sounds like you’ve done some awesome things for your local community, can’t wait to see what you do with UE4! =)

Thank you very much good sir!

Welcome! :smiley:
Whenever you have any problems with the UE4, just post your questions here into the forum or answerhub -> we are always here to help :wink:

I appreciate that! It has been a great time! and I am very excited for what UE4 can bring to my projects!

Good to know! and I just realized who you are, I have been using the trees from your vegetation pack! what a small world! they has been such a great help!

Welcome to the forum! (I’m 18 too. And from California to! :slight_smile: )

That’s great! we are twins haha

I guess we are! :slight_smile: It’s hot were I am right now… :frowning: Need the june gloom to come in!

EDIT: Actually you would be a triplet. I already am a twin!

It’s hot where I am too haha and no way! I am a twin as well!

Freaky! If you are watching Tom and Jerry and listining to the Bee Jees’s right now… You would be my doppleganger!

EDIT: So we are quintuplets?

We are definitely quintuplets! Unfortunately I’m not watching Tom and Jerry and listing to the Bee Jee’s

You should! It’s fun! :slight_smile: