Hello, newbie with a few questions! Looking for advice.

**Hello I’m new and planning on purchasing Unreal Engine 4 I do programming in (mainly C++) and I know 3ds max and Blender3d a bit. I’m looking to use Unreal Engine 4 for making games but I had a few questions/looking for some advice. Is blender3d a good tool for importing/creating models and such for udk4? Did you have any specific tutorials, books, or other content that helped you learn udk? If so please let me know; and any tips on learning udk are much appreciated. Thank you! =D **

In my opinion blender is a really good choice for a 3d program that you want to use in combination with the UE4, because it’s easy to use, free and you can nearly do everthing that 3ds max and maya can. :slight_smile:

Some useful links:

UDK ≠ UE4 UDK = free UE3 :wink: