Hello!!! It's an honour to be here. =D

Hi. My name is Denny. I’d like to start by saying how great it is to be joining such a great community. Well, it’s my first time here (kind of) and I decided to log-in and say hi since I already created an account back in 2014 / 2015.
I’ve been wanting to get back into using Unreal Engine, and try to create and finish, an actual project for one. I was also looking for tips, and tricks on starting & finishing up my hopefully to be finished project. I’ve been wanting
to become a game developer for quite some time, and I really would like to keep up with my “new years resolution.” Which was to create my first, real game for others to enjoy. I’m not looking towards a big project, just something
I can learn off of, and teach me to create better games in the future. I know a small amount of blueprints already, and how they work. I’ve made very cheap, very basic AI before. It was horrible AI, but it was my first AI. =b

Like I said, any tips, tricks, set of videos/documents I should watch/read, that’d be provided. Would be highly appreciated. And so on. Thanks for reading. =b

Welcome Denny , hope you enjoy and learn more in this forum

Hey D3NNY, welcome to the community!

For tips the best suggestion is to keep an eye on the Community Content forum and the UE4 Blog. The UE4 Documentation, Wiki & Video Tutorials are also great sources of information.

Anything beyond that, ask around in one of the many development forums to get help directly from the community. Good luck with your project! =)

Welcome to the forums

Hello and welcome! :wink:


Oh and just so you know all new members to the forum have to pay me a $10 entrance fee.

If you need any help or are ready to pay, feel free to contact me!

~ Jason