Hello i'm new to unreal engine and try to create actors with multiple clothes and customizations

Hello i’m not a 3d artist, the assets i use are from daz3d. Before unreal engine i tried unity but i find that impossible for me is to create game that i want with current assets, so decided to try unreal engine, What i want is to create a rpg game with highly customized characters, by that i mean all character can gain/lose weight which be visible by modifying morph, as for basic model i tried to import morph and it seems to be working, but after i imported clothes i don’t know how to attach to model?? by that i find option attach to but it seems that it does not something i would expect (by that i mean place clothes on actor in right rotation and location), it set a cloth with different rotating few meters from character, so my question is there a way to attach cloth to actor?? if yes can you write me a tutorial how to make it, also what i wanted is to dynamically create clothes in game and equip them by different actors, so they should attach themselves to different people with different values of morphs.

First off DAZ 3D Characters are generally a bad choice in my opinion. But, if you want to use them go right ahead. What you need to do is skin each thing to the same skeleton. So you have your character - skinned to its skeleton and you have a shirt (in a different file) skinned to that SAME skeleton. Then you need to set the character as the ‘Master Pose Component’ (see here: Then your shirt will ‘ignore’ it’s own skeleton and ‘follow’ the character’s skeleton.