Hello, im a beginner and i need help on how to make this project into a reality.

The project is a game, where a red sphere moves randomly on a black surface and when it changes color to green you need to press SPACE and it shows you your reaction speed .Any tips/ideas how to do this, or is there an another program where i can make this in? Since im a beginner i can search the internet for clues but if there is a certain thing i need to do i dont know how. So if there is anyone who can help me solve this i would be grateful.

It’s a very simple project, and i’m sure you can do it by yourself.

Either go for unreal or unity (unity is maybe simplier if your a fully beginner in game dev world).
Then just aim to look some courses : youtube, official docs, udemy…

If it’s a player or an AI, character is the way, or pawn.

I suggest you to go read some tutorial on unreal architecture.
We can’t provide a step by step support here, only if you have very specifique issue.

when i make a sphere that moves randomly should i make it as a character or an actor?

i have made the sphere (as a character) that moves randomly on screen, but i cant seem to fix the part where the sphere randomly changes his color/material into green. :frowning: