Hello I need help, Trying to download the default character.

I have been looking around the engine for a while now or I am blind I cannot find where to download the character model with rigging so I can make my own animations with that model, does anyone know how to do it, can you give me a step by step on how to do it please? thank you.

The engine doesn’t provide that. While you can export any character to an FBX file, that will contain only the base skeleton, not a complete rig. There is also ‘Control Rig’ a new feature that will let you create new animations right in the editor. But that functionality is not very mature yet.

The official way would be to use the Epic ART Tool for Maya to create new animations. The tool is free on the ue4 marketplace but maya is a rather expensive option. Many people create their own rigs in Blender for animations. There are also some free and paid tools that can help.

Thank you very much, one of my staff members told me about this. Sorry about that I was like oh man really. Thank you very much for the reply.

Here, this might help.