Hello I need a bit of help

I know this is most definitely not the place to be asking this. But I need help with a UDK(UE3) project. I am posting it in the UE4 forums, because it has been 2 weeks and I still have no posting privileges in the UDK forums. so any help is appreciated
Ok so…

Me and some friends from school are doing a project for our 3D modeling class and so we’ve decided to use UDK and 3DS Max to create prop hunt, only problem is, we have never picked up UDK before. so we need a lot of help.

  1. We need to know how to make our own custom game type
  2. We need to know how we make it so that the match has multiple rounds.
  3. We need to know how to code a custom weapon (marshmallow gun)
  4. we need to know how to make custom HUDs

you can find a lot of info via google
or here

  1. and 3) i cover in my video tutorials sort of, 2) not sure but maybe google “udk waves”

no idea how to set your posting rights over there, not been back there for a long time

Normally you just have to wait some days till you are abel to post something :slight_smile:

its pretty much been 2 weeks. kinda ridiculous at that point

When one of the UE4 developers sees this thread, he will surely activate your account in the UDK forum (unfortunately we are just moderators in the UE4 forum) :slight_smile:
Meanwhile do what geodav suggested -> he has some awesome UDK tutorials on his youtube channel

Come over to UE4 and try learning it :slight_smile:

I vote you to come over to UE4 too; There’s so much rich content for you to learn from too! :>

yeah… but we’re teenagers… in highschool

we don’t have money to buy UE4

trust me we would have LOVED to use UE4, but we don’t have the money

Doesn’t highschool also qualify for the Education Program on Github @Moderators @Epic?

Dont know if there are other qualifications for the github student program, but normally it is just available to university and college students:
Does the Educational license apply to high schools? - UE4 AnswerHub :slight_smile:

Gosh that needs to change :smiley: Future of Game Design here is missing out the greatness of UE4 :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, that’s true, would be cool to see an educational program for highschools (those students are the future of game dev.) :smiley:

$20; Pay once and keep the engine (Just lack of updates!). A small price to pay for such a powerful and user-friendly engine :wink:

I… think i’ll settle for a tutorial of how to do prop hunt for now…

but anywho… I still can’t find how to get a multiplayer game to have multiple rounds

also i’ll edit the original post and add a number 4

  1. take a look at UMG e.g :slight_smile:

Edit: $0; Pay nothing and keep the engine (Including updates!) - A none-existing price to pay for such a power and user-friendly engine :wink:

What I’ll do (When I can) is create you a prop hunt template. Don’t wait for it though - I don’t know how long it’ll take!

we’re already a good ways into the project and the rest of my group isn’t willing to switch over considering how far in we are

That’s pretty bad, then you cant use all the new cool features :frowning:
Btw, do you have a homepage or anything else that shows your game? -> would be interesting to see what you guys achieved with UDK :smiley:

… we’re in highschool… this is for a school project. so, sorry but no.

Ok, no problem :slight_smile: