Hello, i have a problem.could you give me a advice? my array length is always 0

Hi, thank you for read my question and sorry for my bad english.


my original blueprint so mess, i rip off problem part (not perfectly)

my purpose = create widget few times, add to array, and get length of it

current situation = i can fire event wished times, i can check add array counts correctly (0,1,2~), i can see widgets where i wanted

problem = i can’t get added array length properly, it’s always 0

i missed something? or i did mistake bottom of it?

i need advice, thank you

try to add a second get Inhandcards for the length.
It fixed some of the same problems for me…
I think, that Unreal gets the Array to Add stuff… but if you Link the same Getter for Length, it uses the Array before adding… which is empty.

perhaps it helps…

thank you! i will try!