Hello. I am trying to start making a 2.5D fighting game

Hello. I am trying to start making a 2.5D fighting game. But something has stumped me. this is how to change input when your characters switch sides on a screen. example: left+Kick is mid kick, but in game when you change sides on a screen then is right+Kick is mid kick. do you have any idea or advice how would i will be able to change that or make in blueprints?
thank you for reading this and any kind of help.

You would have to make the combos direction-agnostic. So instead of asking left or right, you have to the check against the direction the player is facing. So Forward and Backward.

Thank you for helping me out. but how do I make combos direction-agnostic and check against the direction the player is facing in BluePrints. I’m only begginer in that, but I can make 3D models. If you could explain further I would be very greatful. And one more time thank you for answering my question.

so, for a basic setup of this you can start with the 3d platformer template (it’s a 2.5D game)

First thing is knowing which way is forward for your character. And since your character can only move left or right, getting a ForwardVector.Y return either “Y = 1.0”, or “Y = -1.0”

So, whenever input comes you can compare it with your current forward direction.


this way you can know when to accept input for the combo, and when to drop it because is facing in the wrong direction.

I am very Thankful for your help.