Hello Friends!

Hey Fellow members my name is Hassan and i am a new member of this forum. i am from USA and having good time here.

Wellcome to unreal.

Howdy there

Hey, welcome to the forums.

Just so you know, all new entrants are required to pay me a $5 entrance fee (because, you know, entrance fee reasons).

Let me know if you need any help while you’re here…or if you’re looking to pay.

~ Jason

Welcome @tk-hassan]( to Unreal Planet i hope you have good time here and pay** Jason Wanderer **]( The entrance fee and buy me Pizza :smiley:

BTW there is aMiddle East]( section now if you interested :wink:

What makes you think he’d be interested in the Middle East forum? He said he was from the USA…

Hi Hassan, welcome.

becouse Hassan is Arabic Name :smiley:

you shouldn’t make assumptions like that.

**smokey13 **](’m sorry then :frowning:

Welcome here ! :wink: