Hello fellow Indie Game Developers! Please Read This.

Hello fellow Indie Game Developers! Please Read This.

Who are you if not for your team? That’s the question you should be asking yourself… are you a lonesome indie game developer? Well if you are don’t worry! Game development is a harsh industry, especially if your trying to be an indie. That might be why you’re here, well fear not fellow indie, as an indie developer myself I often find the most difficult thing in the industry is finding a reliable team, so this is why i’m posting this… my name is Daniel, if you haven’t already guest, i’m an indie, and I need your HELP!

I’m trying to put together a team, but what is a team without something to bond over, I see to many people trying to build a team after coming up with a game idea, which to me is absurd. If you build a game, and then a team, you have a hidden weak link… and no one wants a broken chain, especially months or years into development. So if one such as me were to develop a team, the idea would come after, that way we as a team could determine the strengths, weaknesses, and loves of the industry to create something that all our hearts would drain into, creating something more than just a game, something almost human, just a we are.

What am I proposing you might ask, well if you, yes you… the one reading this has similar beliefs as me, and would like to create something that means something to you, get a hold of me, and I will interview you. What are the requirements of joining my team you might also ask?

  • If your talented at anything in the industry, i’ll find a home for you!

  • You must have experience in at least one of the following-

  • Unreal Engine

  • 3D Modeling

  • 2D Graphics

  • Marketing

  • Voice Acting

  • Animation

  • User Interface

  • Any other interesting talents related to game development

As well as you have to be polite, and willing to work, if we succeed as a team the money will come, sooner or later. I require a team of indies who have patience, and a lot of love for the industry, just as I have. If your resume is empty, don’t worry, if your portfolio is shy, I don’t care, I have enough experience to find talented, hardworking fellow developers, don’t be afraid to email me, i’m not a recruitment shark, im an indie… just as you are.

If you decide to contact me, please email me at [EMAIL=“”] and I will contact you back as soon as I am able to.

-Daniel B. Volchik