Hello everyone! please answer on my question. Its about pc for game development

Hello everyone, i have this question, what hardware should i use for game development? i want to know everything i should use amd ? or nvidia? intel? how powerful ? what pen pads devs are using ? in one word i want to know everything. and i want to use unreal engine 4. i think this thread will be interesting for you to. thanks.

Can’t tell you what to get but I have a quad core 3.1 GHz AMD, 16 GB RAM and a GTX-760 video card. I’m running Windows 10 64 Bit OS. The engine runs well and I haven’t seen any real issues yet.

You probably want upwards of 3.5GHz for a core(ideal), 8 or 16 GB of Ram(higher is better) and a 970 for creating 1080p video games(for 2 or 4 k a titian)

It is a waste of money to get the GTX Titan unless you absolutely can afford it. The GTX 980 Ti has near identical performance, for $300 cheaper.

I wouldn’t get either unless your on 4k, but I could be wrong :slight_smile:

If you want quality of live, 16 gigas of ram and a ssd hard drive make the big difference.

2 SSD drives: one for windows one for unreal and projects
16 gb ram at least
980ti or new titan X
And at least 2 monitors.
And do not forget good comfy chair, or you may start reading on “hemorrhoids treatment”.

Yes but i heard a lot of times, that most of the pc gamers do not have latest pc builds and consols are less powerful. and some people been saying that i should get like old pc and stuff but i dont think so, that a main reason im asking this question. or i should get more likely rendering card like nvidia quadro.

Do not get a Quadro, they are nor designed for games or game development.

Basic but good UE rig:
Any modern Intel i5
16 gb ram
Nvidia gtx 970

Monster rig:
Any modern i7
32 gb ram
Nvidia gtx 980Ti
A fast m.2 SSD

You’ll need more than 8 gigabytes of ram (engine uses about 7 gigabytes of memory when active, so when you launch both UE4 and Visual Studio on machine with 8 gigs , the system will probably hit the swap file). 16 gigs is enough, going above that is pretty much pointless.
It also makes sense to get NVidia GPU, because they have cuda support and hardware accelerated PhysX support.
And you’ll need a lot of free space, because UE4 eats hdd space like popcorn.

Everything else is up to you to decide. You definitely do not need bleeding edge machine.

Most of the gamedev tasks are not resource intensive. The only two resource hungry tasks are baking lightmaps and rendering anything in 3d modeling software.

Are you sure about that? My engine + VS2013 usually only use 4GB (at most for a small map) of RAM.

I routinely use about 6GB with the editor open, so 8GB is probably a good number - I’d still err on the side of caution and get 16GB.

One of the demos requires 24GB to fully load.

Yes for playing games you do not need 32gb ram ssd i7 and 980ti.
But for creating them if you value time and dislike stress, better get a monster rig.

And to my list above add external usb3 drive to backup your projects. Never forget to backup them.

For eg i have backups on 3 different drives inside of my PC, then 2 external drives, and two backups on 2 other PCs.
I regularly do backups in my primary backup folder then every week i synchronize other backups (copy new files from primary backup).
Then one more tip about backups: in name of zip file i always add newest feature i created, helps keeping track.

So then Everyone agrees?

3.5GHz for a core aka new i5
8 or 16 GB of Ram
970 for creating 1080p video games

That was total system-wide amount of used memory, not UE4 alone, sorry about that.

On 8GB system with UE4 editor open amount of used memory was around 7 gigabytes, and that’s visual studio closed. Also, editor took a LOOONG time to start up, which made working with the engine quite unpleasant, because in that situation editor required frequent restarts. Upgrade to 16 gb reduced editor startup time (because OS caches frequently used files in memory).

The editor is definitely much more resource-hungry than unity.

Nope, not everyone agrees.

Definitely more than 8 gigabytes of ram, but you can grab cheaper CPU and GPU.
For example you could go for something like Amd FX 6300+ (6 cores, 3.5 ghz) and GTX 750.

That’ll save few hundred bucks, I believe.

It depends on your country and your financial situation. If you have money to burn, you could go for anything you wanted.

+1 on that, especially a ssd hard drive is a must in my opinion.

I would still go for the GTX970. The price difference between the 750 and 970 does not justify just how much of a downgrade that is.

As I said, it depends on budget and country/region.

Op didn’t specify them.

Guys! Thanks a lot, i get information i needed! good to see such a good community!

Oh, well in that case, yes, you will definitely use more than 8GB of RAM.