Hello everyone. I'm an app developer and I have no friends

What’s up dudes :smiley:

well hello Dent ;))

The ceiling :slight_smile:

Wtf… 10chars

Hallo there person…

Hey there! =)

Hello everyone. I’m an app developer and I have no life. :cool:

Hello Vahid! What’s up?

Bad days, Dacia

hey, I am a web developer and I don’t have time to make friends. So if you really want to make friends, then you need to say time out to your work for sometime and go outdoors.

Your life is in my signature. You’re welcome.

Hello there person…

Heya dude Get some friends here

I just realized this sad truth the other day, I spent 90 working hours on my PC this week…I need to get a life outside of the office.

Who Needs a life? Didn’t know that programmers and game-artists have no life? Or is it just me!?

Hello everybody :cool:

I have no friends too wanna be my friend?

Hello everyone I also have no friends and want to start doing some 3D modeling & development. I did develop a few mobile apps here and there but that’s nothing for the challenge that 's coming this time.

No, we all have gold memberships of the no-life club! :cool:

were all friends on this platform

Hello there…