Hello everyone ! I am very fresh to this and in need of some guidance

Hello everyone!

i have just started to discover that you can create amazing stuff with Unreal engine 4. i have a hard time to find out where to begin. for example, i would like to create a house/interior. should/can i do this inside of UE or should i do this
in maya ? it feels like i am lost.

does anyone have a list of things i should learn first ?

Welcome! :slight_smile:

I personally would do it in your 3d program (modular) but you can also do it directly in the UE4 -> BSP brushes. You can modify them directly in the engine + later you have to convert them to meshes to improve the performance. :slight_smile: Introduction to Level Creation | v4.7 | Unreal Engine - YouTube

  1. learn the basic of the UE4
  2. start with a own small game -> learning by doing. When you have problems you can search for it on google and then you will find tutorials how to solve them :slight_smile: (that’s how I learned it)

Thanks ! i should indeed learn the basics first, so that’s what i’m going to do :slight_smile:

i finaly found out what the name is that i want to learn so badly, it is ArchViz. i absolutely love it but where should i begin. and what program do i use. and if i would use 3ds max for example and create a kitchen, is it from there on as simple as exporting and importing it into UE ? it is al so confusing :confused:

First of all I would start learning 3d modelling -> you will need it to create a ArchViz

You just have to create the kitchen mesh + textures + lightmap (when you use static light) + collision - after that import the kitchen mesh and the textures - create a material (right click onto the texture - create material) + make some modifications - assign the material to the mesh :slight_smile: (those are the rough steps how you would create a kitchen)

After you know how to create a static mesh, everything will be much clearer :wink:

aaah okay thanks !

learn 3ds max it is ! haha thanks for pointing me in some directions, i’ll start to learn make some models and i think maybe next week i’ll show what i have learned so far ? thanks in advance!

Yep, that would be cool to see how far you will get in a week. :slight_smile: When you have problems, make sure to post them into the content creation section so that we can help you :wink:

I certainly will! thanks! EDIT* i just found a very very good channel for 3ds max with lots of voice narrated tutorials, which i was looking for a long time, here it is for others that are seeking this kind of stuff!