Hello everyone, I am new here. Sorry if i am asking this in the wrong place. Have a nice day!

So my dream have always been to make an RTS with a stop function and the same gameplay/movemen like in the games Men Of War Assault Squad games (not) CoH.
Where if anywhere can i ask if someone can make that and post it on the marketplace?
Or where can i ask if anyone can do a video about how to make it in BP?
Thanks in advance, To bad im only on a 2070 and not 3070 so i cant use Nanite
Stay safe, By!

the mechanics aren’t hard to find for RTS they are very popular gianra tutorials for everything and blueprints for all mecanics


Thank you man. But if i in the future dont find what i am looking for.
Where can i ask such questions? Is it ok to ask them here or is that forbidden.
Thanks for a quick answer. 07

are you kidding me? I make a 3D game and copy from a 2D game tutorial and work grate OMG the concepts seem different from game to game but in the end they are the same or very very similar funcion and mecanics, AI bot they are all the same except those that move 360 degrees in empty space UI and inventory is a generalized thing it only changes a little if it’s VR
your a turn-based game resurreccion idea need start from a turn based solved that the rest seems simple