Hello community this is my first post I show you my project called WARZONE-X.

WARZONE-X is developed in the distant future in the year 2755, where large corporations have poisoned the planet and fight for the few remaining resources. A bounty hunter named Valkyre fights against the leaders of large corporations to destroy their technology after being infected by a virus that almost ends with it. The game focuses on a big city where certain areas are devastated by chaos, military bases armed to the teeth, industrial zones infested with dangers among many other things.

The gameplay is open world but with a classic style of GTA Vice with a map of the size of 64x64 kilometers that combines some of the style of games like Gears Of War, being able to move outside or inside the city in different vehicles, be able to visit all kinds of places where Valkyre should explore.

Gameplay Version Alpha, Yotube:

The game is inspired by the cyberpunk movies of the 80s while retaining the classic style that the films of that one possess.

Official Sites: