Hello! Can I have your help please?

Hi, I’m pretty overwhelmed by the world of Unreal Engine, and i need some expert’s advice…

Let’s start from the beginning, I’m an Italian Universitary Student, I’ve learned C, C++, Java and HTML just half a year ago after a little experience in highschool with RPGMaker VX Ace (Ruby Scripting) that led me to make a Ys V-like action rpg. (An action rpg? From rpgmaker? Yes, I used some custom scripts to make it happen, basically the engine gives you a power-point-easy way to make a console-style rpg and I made something greater from the premises). Obivously I couldn’t go on making this impossible amount of hacks without tearing the system apart and I had to make some stand-alone game that won’t cause me portability issues (oh well, with Ace the portability was Windows 7 or lower exclusive).

My aim is to go working in a japanese company like Falcom, I’m studying hard for my goal, both in therms of technical knowledge and language skills, just like a friend of mine did it and is actually working in a Mobile company in Tokyo.

I wanted to start using a more professional game engine, I picked this one because it seemed like the most versatile and compatible with other programs and easier to understand compared to Unity which was too strange to me.

Ultimately I want to put up the necessary to build a Japanese-style action RPG just like Ys: 3D environment, dialogue sequences in a visual-novel style, anime-looking characters and a coloured user interface.

Please, if anyone has knowledge to share of any kind share it with me, there’s poor intrest in games where I live, anything, even just some random tips could mean a lot to me.

Sketch your ideas

Make sure you have a look in the Learning tab of the Launcher, there are some great projects you can tear apart and see how they work. Also have a look on Epic’s Youtube page, there is a ton of content. Look at the Twitch streams as well, they usually have tutorials on them and are very helpful.

I’m re-sketching everything moving things from my old project to the new one.

I’m also reading the guide “Learning c++ making games with UE4” and so far it seems most of the functions will be relatively easy to implement.

I just hope to find a way to put anime-styled characters as I’m not going for realism.

I find YouTube to be a great source of information. They have a video for everything from making cheese to design materials in EU4 to literally everything. Try YouTube.