Hello can any one read my messages?

I’ve been trying to contact several ppl here can you all see my posts comms check : P ?

I can see this comment(unless you are talking about private messages ?)
Yesterday at night(European time) I did notice something strange happening with the forum.I couldn’t access my private messages(i can now) .

Also I heard there were problems with many internet pages going off in the United States, amazone being one of them.Actually amazone Germany was also off according to my brother.I suspect that event may have something to do with it? Sounds like a mass attack to me though.Dont want to go in to conspiracies, but it is the end of the year.And for the past 2 years ‘‘they’’ always try to push something ‘‘new’’ to F over humanity’s way of living, exactly at the end of each year…

Wow so well i think some ppl cannot reach my pms because they were active and like lost connection with em no idea. You mean they unleash viruses to whole humanity wowww too bad :disappointed: well I understand that.