Hello all, some help if possible with UD4

First of all I would like to give a little back ground on myself so you have some idea of my abilities.

I have NO programming exp.
I have tinkered with TGE,TGEA and T3D from Garage games.
The guys at “MyDreamRPG” worked me and I can truly say 90% of what I know came from them and the community at MyDream.
can create terrain, and add art pieces and a little more.
I like to tinker… and have paid some programmers a bit to do some things I wanted done in GG’s stuff so it worked.

Moved to RealmCrafter.
Bought RC 2.0 and waited years for it to come out.
can do a little bit in RC and RC Pro.

IN looking around, I found UD 4.
About feel out of my chair, ran down the hall and told the wife " I HAVE A NEW LOVE!!"
she calmly asked how much it was going to cost.

So, downloaded and ready to tinker. I can’t find any tuts that address making log in screens before the game loads to the player start.
Example: Wows user name and password screen before game loads.

Need help with Log in screen, how to move to second screen, first screen closes and then how to go from a second screen to Player start pointer and second screen closes.
Also would love a Cheat sheet for the “modes place” and “modes landscape” section like we have for the Blue Print Cheat sheet.
That one I printed out I like so much.

Thank you for tanking the time to read this and Thank you for any help you might be able to assist with or links to tuts that might be able to help.



She’ll be handing you the divorce papers within a year :smiley: - I’ve lost three girlfriends to UDK and iOS development :slight_smile:
If only a partner could give you as much satisfaction as your little world you create in your game engine.

There are no cheat sheets for anything in UE4, it’s all brand new and still under documentation, so you’ve come in at the right time to learn with us and make great games of the future with this amazing team at Epic Games.

As for login screens and such, that section is still under documented and will be updated soon, (slate UI)


Thank you Dave.

The only cheat sheet I found is here: Blueprint Editor Tips and Tricks - Unreal Engine
I liked it so much I saved the pic and printed it out.

You have to scroll down to “Cheat Sheet”