Hello All, I'm back

Hello, net was was down, and then we moved, and now were back online.

Ive missed this place, nice to be back.

You’ve been gone months! What happened? New internet provider give you the runaround?

Welcome back Clo!

Thanks guys, and lols no runaround but we did move and Comcast had to add a line to our property and that took a bit lol, but yeah, were all setup now and kicking back into high gear with ue4!!

Just waiting for comcast now actualy to come swap out my modem for an SMC(its business class and I got my static’s again and the gateway they gave me first sucks)

Can’t wait to catch up with all you lols

Welcome back! Now you even got a cool beta badget :wink:

I know right, soon as I made my post on this thread and seen I was soo happy, been waiting awhile for it haha(thanks !!!)

…just need to collect some more badges now :wink:

Right now I wanna switch ISP, I have the choice of Flow trinidad and Digicel internet. Both use fiber optics. And both make a 65ms ping to valve servers. This is really incredible considering I live in the last Island in the Caribbean near south america. lol my current DSL which uses copper is 112ms.

Its a 3000 mile trip I think.

One of the sea cables is 28.000 km long :smiley:

Welcome back ! :slight_smile:

Thanks man, nice to be back :slight_smile:

Hey welcome back ! Sorry I’m late, it’s what I do.

Welcome back! I hope you have better fortune with Comcast than I currently have. =P

Thanks , I forgive you for being late since you hooked up the Beta Badges :slight_smile:

Who are you again ;)?

Hey dude! Welcome back!

Oh shush , haha, thanks guys for the warm welcome, except for ahah, jk hehe