Hello all, how to create a perfect melee combat design for game?

Hey, this anirban from India, need to learn some basics of combat design, as i am new to unreal engine, can anyone help me?

If you mean “close combat” with 3d characters, you must first create combat animations (use 3DsMax or Maya or some other software for animation). When animations are ready you can start assembling animation blueprints for each character. read this: Animation Blueprints | Unreal Engine Documentation, there you must add all needed transitions and animation blendings. then you must overload character blueprint and write/blueprint some fight logic.

For example if one character is going to kick another, you must check if these two are at right distance, and if yes, disable moving controls for both characters and start playing “kick” animation on first character and “beingKicked” animation on another character. Sure, with good combat system you must make dodge, parry, counter attack animations and logic also. It’s not an automatic, but very time consuming task.

There is no clear way to implement this, so you must first figure out what moves/kicks you characters will be able to do and what game mechanic is behind these moves. I suggest you start with a list of available moves, than you must design animation flow for each move/kick. When the anim. flow is ready start animationg your characters according to the flow you have designed. Then import these animations into engine and start developing animation blueprint. and then you can actually start coding/blueprinting the fight logic.