Hella simple Project Information Plugin

Was looking for a plugin that would effectively repeat back project information from the Project Settings of UE4 Editor. Exposed them to new nodes, as seen in the image blow:

Get Project ID
Get Project Name
Get Project Version
Get Project Company Name
Get Project Licensing Terms
Get Project Privacy Policy

To be very clear, this is intended for users who wish to display this info on UMG for a SINGLE PLAYER GAME ONLY to display in a build. This information comes from the DefaultGame.ini, which potentially means the end-user could override these values. If you’re developing a multiplayer game, it’s mandatory and advised to pull this information from a server.

Works with anywhere you’d like to print the info - UMG included.


Download from Github place in ProjectName/Plugins/.

EDIT: Also - plugin may potentially be buggy as hell (but for the most part works, 4.19). I literally got it working and released and is intended to be provided as a basis - Go at it. :stuck_out_tongue: