Helkp getting started with new toon

Hello all,

My artist guy built a toon for me, and when I select his mesh in third person shooter demo… He looks like he is laying on the ground, face up. and has jagged edgy thingies all over him… when I apply the Tpp-hero skel to him… Her is using lightwave 10 and Zbrush to make the toon.

Can Anyone point me to a reference on how to rig my new toon to the Tpp_skel. ?

Thank you very much for any help.

I took a toon that was made with the Hero skeleton… and the new mesh was added to it…

When I imported the toon into UE It asked what skeleton to use… I selected Hero_tpp skel…

When I click play the poor dude looks like this:

Can anyone point me to a resource I can read thru and try and get my artist buddy to look at to fix this poor guy

So you want to use the animations from the hero tpp for your own character or do you want to use the same rigg?

Make sure to take a look at: https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/Animation/RetargetingDifferentSkeletons/index.html https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/Animation/AnimationRetargeting/index.html :slight_smile:
Also update your picture (cant see anything)

we want to use the animation packs from the marketplace… and I believe that you have to use the hero skel for those… is that right? and, neither of us can figure out why the mesh goes spikey when it is applied to the hero skel. If it helps, I can fraps how the mesh is brought into the game engine and applied when it goes spikey if that would help clarify our issue.

It is family day… so I will have to get a pic to you tomorrow.
Thank you for the quick response.


I think you have to use the “thirdperson skeletal mesh” (or the firstperson skeletal mesh) :slight_smile: