Helicopter Landing/Lifting Effect

Hello Developers i have a question how to make a (Particle Effect,Blueprint)for Helicopter Land and Lift up that will effect the ground with Dust and grass Swinging round of Heli.

Like this

hello and welcome :slight_smile: I’d use a combination of the following:

  1. Area particle effect with dust,
    grass,mild air distortion etc…
    activated when the helicopter is
    within a certain distance of the
    ground… done right, very low
    performance cost
  2. Wind effect actor combined with foliage specifically set up to
    respond to wind actors… medium
    performance cost
  3. Maybe even a force actor, to push against objects, AI and players in the
    immediate vicinity of the landing… low performance cost

You can find tutorials on how to set up all of these… 2 & 3 are fairly straightforward to set up, 1 will take a moderate amount of skill with particle FX to look right