Alright. So this is my first time even tinkering with a game engine of this caliber and I have been reading on the web about how to import heightmaps. No matter what I do, though, UE doesn’t like my heightmaps. They just come out so jagged and scary looking, they almost look like the Genesis Planet [SPOILER]Genesis was the planet at the end of original Star Trek 2.[/SPOILER]

Anyway, I wish that someone out there might be able to help me. I don’t like the idea of painting terrain in the engine itself. I find heightmaps, when they are properly accepted, much easier to work with.

You can use L3DT or TerreSculptor 2.0 , both are free, to create terrains including support for World Composition.

Thank you, . I’ll check them out shortly and let you know how it turns out. I thought I was doing something wrong when importing heightmaps. :slight_smile: