Heightmaps (3ds Max - UE4)


Please bare with me because I am very new to this. I want to use a 3D terrain I’ve modeled in 3ds Max in Ue4. I want to be able to blend different materials on this terrain in UE4 (cliff, beach sand and grass) according to the different heights. In order for me to do this does my terrain from Max need to be a imported into UE4 as a Heightmap? Do I need to make a heightmap in Max (Using Gradient maps), import the heightmap into Ue4 and use that to generate a new terrain where I can blend and vertex paint on?. I also want to be able use LAM (Landscape Auto Material) on this terrain, but I cannot simply import the terrain into Ue4 as an fbx file from Max? I need to change this terrain into a heightmap first?

I simply cannot vertex paint and use LAM on an fbx Landscape imported from Max? Is this correct or am I missing something?

Does anyone know the correct workflow to generate Heightmaps from 3d model in Max, and the correct export settings in Max so it will be correctly imported in Ue4 as a heightmap.



This looks like an old post so might not be of use to you now, but have a look at this…

Thanks for the feedback, very much appreciated.