Heightmap Terrain Exported From Pencil

You’ll need a pencil, an envelope (scrap of paper, etc.), some sort of camera (iPhone was used here).

1: Sketch out your height map with the pencil. In this case I was making a river valley in a desert, at least that’s what I was picturing.

2: Use an online editor like Pixlr (free Online Photo editor - Pixlr.com image edit) or ANY program that modifies images. I cropped the image and played with the contrast, few other things but didn’t draw anything new on purpose. Purely image adjusting.

3: In UE4, go to Create New Landscape under the terrain tool tab (the mountain). Select Import From File, choose your image you saved. Import. Play around with the Z value.

After I imported I put a fairly simple angle blend mat on it, rest of the assets are freely available on the web, water is from the Epic truck demo I think? Palm Tree is a free sample off Speedtree site.

Finally I spent about 5 minutes with the plateau and erosion brushes hitting the shapes for a little definition.

You can see from this top down shot the envelope seal line, the dark groove at the top of the image.

Finally the mat- super sloppy setup there are much better ways to do this but maybe it will give someone ideas:


That’s awesome! you made my day. :smiley:

That’s an incredibly cool way of making terrain! Straight from concept to game. You should ask friends or family to draw a sketch and amaze them an hour later with a 3D landscape of their sketch :smiley:

Um … wow … okay … 8-}

Stares at his now useless collection of apps like Terragen / World Machine / L3DT. 8-}

This is awesome … talk about a novel way of doing terrains … I love it and I am going to try it tonight when I get home from work. Thanks for this.

That is called creativity, my friend. Simple and elegant. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

This is really cool, thx for sharing this !!!

Nice challenge and very nice result! :slight_smile: