Heightmap scaling and performance


I’m making a game in which there are really tall mountains (their main purpose is to prevent player from going out of bounds) and I’ve noticed that the default scale only raises terrain up/down by 25600, but I want my mountains to be taller than that. There are 2 things I can think of to solve this, just wanted to know which one you guys think is better solution:

A) Generate landscape with default height of like -15600, which would allow me to go down 10000 and up by 41200
B) Increase the scale of default landscape (which is 4033x4033) from 100 to 200, which allows me to go up/down by 51200.

I’m not sure about the second option, because I’ve read in unreal documentation that scaling landscape can increase cost on CPU, especially if section size is small - well, as per Landscape Technical Guide, the default specifications for 4033x4033 is 63 quads/section. However, if it doesn’t impact performance then it would be better since it gives more freedom.

Also, as a bonus question: I’ll most likely be using World Composition because I’ve read that for large game worlds it is necessary for performance - I’ve been thinking of using 16 1009x1009 landscapes. In the landscape technical guide there are*** two ***different 1009x1009’s, and I’m not sure which one would be more suitable:
-63 quads, 4 sections/component, 126x126 component size, 8x8 total components
-63 quads, 1 sections/component, 63x63 component size, 16x16 total components

Thanks in advance!