Heightmap lost! My level got flattened out

I opened up a level I’ve been working on to find that my terrain is all flat – like I lost the heightmap.

My trees are floating in mid-air where hills where once laid.

The heightmap was created using the landscape tools in unreal engine 4.8.1. ALT+L does not fix the issue.

Any ideas on what happened, how to fix or how I can restore an old heightmap from a backup? Cheers.

The best solution is taking a picture to show here the exact problem so others can help you as they will see your problem and they won’t misunderestand…
Did you save your project last time you were using it? Maybe your pc got powered off during using unreal engine? It has happened to me the way you describe it…

-use one of the autosave or backup files → your folder - saved -…
-what happens when you click on the “build” button?
-which engine version do you use?
-what happens when you go into the landscape edit mode + paint
-could yo post a pic? :slight_smile:

Thanks… I rebuilt the project and the landscape heightmap is still flat. And I am using Engine 4.8.2 (not 4.8.1 as previously mentioned).

Several errors/warnings appeared which I post below in screenshot along with an image showing the flat terrain. The errors say zero triangles in the static mesh? It seems the errors are relating to some tree assets I used from the Kite Demo Asset Pack. Now, before this heightmap fiasco happened, I tried to load the actual Kite Demo but cancelled the download mid-stream. Not sure if that could have contributed to the issue with flat terrain…

Here are photos showing flat heightmap and error messages:

Regarding the backup files, can you kindly elaborate on “use one of the autosave or backup files -> your folder - saved -”? I can see the .UMAP files in my backup directory but how do I load them?

Also, regarding landscape edit mode + paint, I am a new user never used that mode but studying it now and will post results soon. Thank you very much.

Just move those uassets files into your content folder + open the engine (but make a backup of your project) :slight_smile:

  • the terrain/heightmap is your own one or do you use one from the heightmap?