Heightmap isn't uploading correctly...

Hi, I am trying to upload a mountain heightmap that I made. I am trying to upload it but it’s not uploading correctly, giving the terrain a very strange look. I’ve attached a picture of the unedited heightmap that I am using:


This is what the final look of the heightmap looks like when I upload it via RAW file:



EDIT: 300x300 is the height and length of the file.

When I saved the file as a RAW file, I changed it so that it’s in non-interleaved order.

Another Edit: I did everything I could try for fixing the issue. I cannot figure it out. Help!

The only thing you can do to that file is to simply Shift+Delete it as it’s not even close to something you’d want to port to a game engine as a height map for landscape.

This is an example of a height map.

What process did you go through to create that one of yours?

What I did is that I found it online, I went into photoshop. Used auto-tone, Changed brightness to -43 and contrast to 27. Saved it as a RAW, then I used it. How can I properly import my heightmap without having that issue? Thanks.

EDIT: This is what the final touches looked like:


Well I mean when you look at it, it does look like some mountains but it’s not what you’d get after importing it to game engine. the distribution of black to white range is not right. Find another one.

This is for example a height map that’d work ok.
Or this one

Generally when you search for height map, this is the overall look of a height map:

Your’s is so poor.

I am using the top download link you gave me. This is the result:


The dimensions of that heightmap are really small and yet your landscape X Y scale is really low. 75 X and Y scale means the between each landscape vertex there is only 75 centimeters. Increase the X Y scale to stretch the landscape to its correct form.

Post a screen when you have imported the height map but before clicking on “Create”.


Also, Jonimake, I read your message. You can also join in and help with this.

Google isn’t the best place to collect height maps from, just wanted to show you how different yours looks than the others. The ones you find on google are mostly 8bit and include artifacts.

Here is one I made right now for you to test with.

And here is the settings for it. (Default settings, and in order to get the proper settings (if you have changed them and can’t go back) close the engine, launch again and then try to import the height map again)

Download this software and create your own height maps. (Basic edition is free)

Edit: You can also use .png so don’t resave as .raw the one I uploaded for you.


But can you upload the heightmap to another website? The link you gave me doesn’t work.

I cannot download the file. The link is broken.

Follow the mini-tutorial here Eric, when you get that working you change that example image locally:

Yes! I actually saw that already!

You can also use DEM files from:


These need to be converted to be usable in Worldmachine, but there is a free converter available and a tut how to.

Now these are real world data, so Rockies, Alps, Himalayas, etc…, could be used as a starting point or make your own from scratch.

I’ll try it and give you the results.

Wow! Actually worked! Thank you so much!