Heightmap importing Issue [5-0EA]

Hi ,

it’s been weeks that i’ve been trying to import a landscape trough heightmap from World Creator 2 to Unreal engine 5.1 , i’ve reached out to WC2 support team who told me to reach out to UE team since it apears to be an issue on Epic team end .

So at first i’ve tried importing a split heightmap trough World composition tool from ue5 , and it turned out to be a nightmare ,

So then i tried To do it the regular way . A raw 16bit 4033x4033 heightmap from WC2 ,
and the landcape was indeed imported but do not apear in the level , I’ve tried to change the format to PNG16 and nothing changed

So i’ve tried to import the same heightmap to ue4.26 and it just worked incredibly fine !

I then tried to migrate the whole level from UE4.26 to UE5.1 and still nothing showed up … neither in the level tab or the Data table …

I must say that i followed the recommended technical guides from epic regarding landscapes and i do understand how landscape works in general (it always worked perfectly in ue4 and i’ve never had any issue on this topic before )

I am still learning UE5 so i am really lost here and yet left without any anwser everywhere i seek for help …
I really want to use UE5 in my workflow but those type of issue make it really hard to do aha
And no need to tell me to stick to UE4 , i’ve already started a project on 5.1 that need to be done in 5.1 and i’ve worked too hard on it to just start over on an older and more restrictive version of UE …

No need to tell me to stop using WC2 either , i wont use UE landscape tools or other landscape softwares , i am used to WC2 and i dont want to change already established habits

Thanks for reading and i hope you can help me on this issue


11 | Getting Started with World Creator 2 | UE4 Exporting - YouTube :face_with_monocle:

[Maybe you should follow the resolution defined inside the engine instead of setting the resolution yourself]