Height map Landscape shrinking

Hello all.
I’m very new to this. this is my first post. hopefully it’s in the right place.

Basically I’m importing height map data into the landscape tool, as a png. The problem is, from a distance - the tops of the peaks shrink down… but from the same distance the engine-generated terrain does not.

This is noticeable even when the character is just walking, the peaks returning to their height as you walk toward them. I know this may be something to do with terrain quality reduction for performance reasons… but I can’t figure out why. have I maybe imported the wrong file type? or created a terrain with too many components maybe?

I’m currently in the process of learning about world composition, in the hope that I can apply that and see if any positive change occurs.

Any ideas?

Kind Regards-
Patrick :smiley:

Sounds like you are talking about the landscape LOD. The landscape becomes less detailed smoothly as you move away from it. If you want more accurate LOD, you need to alter the LODDistance Factor



Lower values mean higher detail, higher values mean more aggressive LOD’ing, ie. lower detail further away.
Decreasing this value will also hit performance.

I think this is what you are experiencing, but its hard to tell without screenshots.

Hope this helps.