Heavy Geo Attachment

In working on a car, I was wondering if it’s better for the UE4 engine to attach the entire car statically (weights of 1.0 to the root bone) or to attach the wheels or some other geo to the skeleton, and then parent the static mesh to the root via a socket in a blueprint ?
With something fast moving such as a car, are there attachment issues if framerate boggs ?
The skin clusters to export for a 100K poly Car, are crazy slow with FBX! I don’t even want to know how long it will take to import all this, so I’m wondering if there is a “Method” for doing that that may not be obvious.

1st. i’d skin the whole mesh to a skeleton
2nd. do you really need 100k polys for the mesh

i’ve no idea how other games deal with it or what the poly advise limits are for UE4

It crashed when reading the FBX. I suspect too many little parts, and or too many skin clusters. I’m trying to look at UE4’s ability to render a model that would normally be used for a maya - V-Ray render. In a V-Ray vs. UE4 render comparison. So no/little game-play, or AI. Minimal Environment. Tossing every trick against the wall to make the renders seem to have the same qualitative properties, which is a tall order, and yes I know about Vray-RT, but that’s not exactly RT now is it ? :smiley:

My thinking is that if Unreal can handle an environment with 5M+ poly’s, and I’ve seen it handle a lot more! Having it do a car at that resolution shouldn’t be a huge problem, since a lot of the interior polys can be culled.

now i see where your going, unless you want to animate the car/mesh then don’t use bones and just import as a static mesh, i know the old 64k tri limit is gone but there may still be other factors involved, maybe un tick the combine mesh box