Heavy functions disable blueprint flow visualisation

Hello, for a few days I have been encountering a problem that the debug flow visualisation was not showing anything at all. After a few tests noticed that a heavy calculation function completely disables the visualisation in other blueprints.
For example this is how it shouls be (event tick shows the orange flow):

When triggering a heavy on calculation function it stops showing the flow in event tick and in any other blueprint.
Plus it shows only partially the flow in the heavy calculation event (it’s not showing the flow from the event node to the first function node)

Is it a bug?
If it’s not a bug, as far as I can guess the editor has a limitation for how many nodes it can visualise the flow (and it shows it with color from white to dark orange). Can the limit be increased in the settings? Cause this feature saves time a lot and using print node everytime to get flow feedback is not quite efficient