Heavier punishment for Bullies & Spammers (Question section)

This is a request to Epic to take a stronger stance to fight Bullies and Spammers infecting the Marketplace.

These so called Reviewers are simply seeking to damage the Seller’s reputation and sales. They are not asking anything. Epic does a good job by deleting their comments but that is not enough. These Parasites would not stop and continue to spam our products.

By stronger stance, I mean to permanently delete their accounts. Hopefully this issue gets address as soon as possible because its already out of hand.

Feel free to share your thoughts. :v:

Just search my name in the Marketplace. You’ll see all my products hammered with Spam and Harassment. I made the report 4 days ago and Epic Marketplace Team has done NOTHING.

Really losing hope here, I thought the store would be more Professional. Feels more like an Elementary School reunion (full of bullies).

True Lol, well… here is one of my product that seems to be popular with bullies:

Rifle - Orion A1