Heart of Darkness

Hello eveyone!
This is my new cinematic project created on UE 5.4 version.
I’ve been wanting to create a Metahuman cinematic for a long time, but sometimes something got in my way.
So after a month I finally did it! I’m a big fan of fantasy.
This is a movie about a Knight who goes into the dark forest to gain mystical power and strength.
I tried to create a dark mystical atmosphere with elements of horror and mysticism. The whole project is created on UE5.4. For the character, I used the incredible “Knight of Erran” by Shao-Khan from Marketplace as the base. The head for the character I created in Metahuman Creator and added some tweeks for the face texture in Substance Painter. The large trees with the final flower tree and bushes I created in Speed Tree, all other assets are from Epic games (as is the character Sevarog), as well as props from the marketplace and of course megascans.
Animation is not my specialty. This is actually my first experience with animation, especially Metahuman and his face. So don’t judge too harshly))): all animation is done manually and MH presets without capture tools, so the quality is not the best) But I tried).
Technology: UE5.4, Nanite, Lumen Light and Reflection, SingleWater shader, SpeedTree, Volumetric effects and PP2 wind for ground plants, DaVinci Resolve
Please enjoy and thanks for your support! (video link)


Music: The Legend of Excalibur - Daniel Pemberton (King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)), SCARY SOUND FX (Scary Sound FX - CinePacks) by C2 Digital and assets by Epic Games.



Hi there @SLM_CryNet,

Hope you’re well and having a wonderful week so far! :slight_smile:

Woah. This looks incredible. I rewatched the video a few times just to capture all the details but I have to say for someone “newer” to animation I think you did a splendid job. Also, that red glowing meadow is genuinely breathtaking. One of the most beautiful environments I’ve ever seen. The entire cinematic held a very Elden Ring feeling behind it. Brilliant work!

Do you plan on creating more cinematics similar to this one? Or maybe a part two for our dear knight?

Hi @PresumptivePanda !

Thank you very much, it motivates me to do even more :blush:

Maybe. :wink: I’m thinking about it=)))

I actually want to create a demo of this fantasy style game when I have more time.
Right now, Unreal Engine has all the tools you need to make a good game.)

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Ooh that sounds so exciting! :smiley: I’d love to see a game set in the world you’ve created here. It just sounds full of nerdy goodness :slight_smile:

Happy developing until next time. Also, if you decide you’re going to go ahead and create that game, be sure to give updates and @ me. I’d be thrilled to watch it as it develops!

All right, thank you! :wink:

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Very nice cinematic production, I loved the color pallet of the environment with the punchy vibrant colors while at the same time enshrouded in mystery. Do you plan on expanding on the visual story you created? I for sure would love to see more.

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Hello there @SLM_CryNet !

I can agree with Leila that there is a fantastic color palette here. The red really pulls your attention while making the rest of the colors around it stand out. You did a very good job with this cinematic!

If I may ask, how did you get the pool to look so bouncy with waves?

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Hi Leila,

Sorry for the long reply, I haven’t had a chance to connect. Thank you so much for your compliment. And yes, I think I will be expanding this story). I have a few ideas for it.)

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Hello @The_M0ss_Man !

Thank you, I’m very glad you enjoyed it.

About the water, it’s nothing unusual. It’s made via WPO: Circular plane mesh, water material (single water shader or something else), radial UVs for the texture noise, create WPO animation and Material Collection parameters in Sequencer for control animation speed, heigh and etc.

Sorry it took so long to reply, haven’t had a chance/.

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Hi there @SLM_CryNet !

That’s alright! I know responding to forums can be something that slips mind and as always, real life comes first. Thank you so much for explaining that to me. I’m a little more proficient in Unity so working with Unreal is sometimes a bit of a switcheroo for me, haha.

Thank you again for your explanation!