Heart At Hack - A narrative-puzzle game

Greetings game makers !

Our team is called Maboyz, we are a small team of developers that originally come from Ubisoft. We have quite a few years of experience working in the Video Game Industry and we are very proud to have launched our very first independent game: Heart@Hack.

Right now, it’s available on Android and IOS. The game is free, meaning no in-app purchase, nor ads, nor collected data. F - R - E - E !
We hope you’ll enjoy it ! Please, feel free to share your feelings with us, here or by writing to

HeartAtHack on iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/heart-at-hack/id1109868077?l=fr&ls=1&mt=8
HeartAtHack on android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Maboyz.HeartAtHack

Dive into Darius’s Pocket Minitel, hack the device of your girlfriend, and unravel the mysteries of a paranoid love triangle.

Hello everyone,

my name is Alexandre, I’m Level Designer and Programmer for the game Heart At Hack.
I’d like to share with you some more information about the game development.

We’ve made this game completely free so every one of you can enjoy it. And I want it to be the same for sharing information with you. So if anyone wants to know more about the game development, you can ask in this post.

I’m really open to give you tips and tricks on the process of creating a mobile game (we’ve spent 1 year on it and goes through a lot of issues).
If you see something you like in the game and want to know how we did it in the engine then feel free to ask I’ll be glad to help :-).

  • The game is made only using blueprint (not even a line of c++)
  • We have something between 3-6 hours of gameplay
  • We have around 70 puzzles.
  • 1 core mechanic + 5 gameplay feature.
  • The game is done in 3D with an orthographic camera to flat everything.

PROGRAMMING: Here is a list of stuff I have done in the game:

  • UI integration + Material management.
  • 3D Interface creation (navigation, pages content etc)
  • Dialog system (for SMS and MAIL)
  • Notification system (for SMS/Mail/Oracle and Puzzles)
  • Scrolling system (for SMS/Mail and puzzles)
  • Multiple minigames with the Oracle system
  • Music Player system
  • Save system for the entire game
  • Memory Optimization
  • Puzzle System

LEVEL DESIGN: Here is a list of stuff I have done in the game:

  • Conception of 70 puzzles (paper, visio, in editor).
  • Difficulty management to have a nice flow.
  • Levels streaming in editor.


  • Optimization for android and iOS - (we had a lot of crashes during the development of the game, especially on iOS due to memory).
  • Development for android and iOS - we’ve used multiple devices (iphone, ipad, samsund, sony, etc) to test the game through the development).
  • Submitting to android and iOS - We’ve spent some times going through every steps to be able to submit our game to Apple and Google.

There is still a lot more features inside the game but I can’t list everything.
So if you guys play the game and see something you want to know more let me know ;-).


Hello sir, I know this is a stupid question, but I want to ask you something. Because there`s no tutorial for a game like this I wanted to ask you if you could make the game “Open Source”. That means you upload the project files on GitHub so everyone can create a game like this. Sorry for this stupid question, but it will help a lot
Greetings, Virtual