Healthbar facing at a locked position


I am trying to make my enemy ai healthbar be constantly facing a certain point inside my level.

Currently I have it setup so it constantly faces the player pawn and i was wondering if there is a way to set it up so the find look at rotation target is an actor inside my level

here is my blueprint so far that locks onto the player pawn.

Sorry im still learning blueprints so if anymore information is needed then i will gladly provide it.!

Thanks for your efforts in advance :slight_smile:

Hi. If you want the health bar to be faced your view… just attach a reference of YOUR character to the get player pawn.

and it should be perfect
or a reference of the actor that you want to see the health bar

I am making a VR game so instead of the widget facing the character i would want it to face a certain blueprint actor that i have put in the level if that makes any sense?

So, put the reference of the proper actor to tell him where to look! Or put nothing if you dont want the widget moving or rotate on himself.