Health System with Projectile Hits

I am trying to create a health system where the damage is a projectile, I need some help creating this.

(The “ow” and “ow again” are just test strings)

I have an update of the blueprint but it still doesn’t work, just let me know which graph to use and how to fix it.
(These are the 2 graphs for the project, Health and damage)

Sorry it’s small, just zoom in (ctrl +/-)

Updating, so not now, but

Event Any Damage,

Get player Health / minus Damage / Set player health / check player health.

First one in your second pic looks ok. Can you show where you are causing the damage.

In the second one it is event hit and is a “find actor location”

You might need to check authority

Actually I got most of it done but the problem is how do make sure it only does damage if it hits the player?

Using “apply point damage” currently

Does “hit” print out to the screen or console?

If you put a break point in the event Take Any Damage, does it get hit?

Alop, do you have a DamageType subclass. You need to make a ProjectileDamage blueprint with DamageType as the parent. And set that in the TakeDamage node.

I’m pretty sure it will fail otherwise.


I may be off, but this is how I do it through Line Trace.

My Turret

My Player


You could convert Projectile to something like this

Add a TAg to your player character and Check if has Tag before applying damage.

I’ll try it out when I can, thanks.

Ok so 2 things: how did you get a node with all these string attachments


And how do you get this node?


On the output pin for the hit results there will be a menu item, expand pins.

So either we have different blueprints or it’s because i’m using the character as your “turret.” I can’t seem to get those pins.

drag off one of the yellow hit nodes and break hit location, the apply damage node is a custom function

The only string outputs im getting are “out hit” and “return value” and none other. And when i drag off a vector pin from a node like spawn emitter, i can get a line trace but it wont connect the nodes.

I think i figured out what you mean

I found out the system after thinking it out to myself, Here it is: