Health Bar Turns Green When Using A Special Image


I need help in regards to a health bar that I’m current working on for my game. It uses a multi-colored appearance to it, and when I choose it as a fill it turns green. Is there a way around this to use the image itself as the fill? If it can be helped I’d rather not use a flat, generic color.

This is what I want, but what you see here is me just setting it as a background image to display my point:

Nay: this is with the fill being the image in question, and it turns green and I’m not sure how to change it to the above version to act as a fill.

Is the tint for the Progress bar fill white? and is there an empty image for your background?

NP ill post as an awnser and you can mark it as resolved

Nope it was set to blue, as default. Thanks for the help!