Health bar test, Simple damage via trigger.

Hello peoples. I have a HUD with a health bar and I want to test it.
How would I go about doing this?
I have a the fire asset in the scene and a trigger volume over the fire.
fire trig.JPG

In my level Blueprint I have this:

The print “OUCH!” works fine but the player doesn’t receive damage. I’m new to Blueprints which seams quite different to kismet.

how would I get working? thanks!

Try dragging the Other Character pin to the Damaged Actor pin. I’m not 100% familiar with damaging characters, but that’s the first thing I’d attempt.

Also, it’s best to put the Print String after the thing you want to test so you know if it got stuck before that spot. In your example, the string will always print despite what damage is done.

Hey, I did what you said but it doesn’t seam to work. I also put the print string after the damage and it still shows up as “OUCH!” but doesn’t deal damage!

:S any ideas?

Just tried in the ShooterGame sample and you need to hook up a ‘GetPlayerCharacter’ to the ‘Damaged Actor’ pin in the ‘Apply Damage’ node. Here’s an image of what it looks like for me:


Also, connecting ‘Other Actor’ from the trigger worked for me as well and is likely safer to do since you may have changed your player index. I always make sure it’s set to 0 for my SP games, but I think MP requires multiple for each player.

Gooner is right about that. You could also plug the Other Actor right into Damaged Actor, so that anything that has health that enters the volume will be hurt. That is good for environmental damages, like fire or spikes.

Hmmm that is very strange. I have a health bar but I don’t think the actual health is set up for my character. How would I go about doing this?
tutorial breifly goes over the Health bar but doesn’t specify anything to do with the actual pawns health.

In the defaults of my pawn there is this:

At the bottom there is health. If I set to 100 still nothing happens.
I must be missing something

We have to select a Damage Type (You can select the default damage value). I think that you have to enter the Event investigator (To your self) and/or Damage causer (To your component) too.

Hey, I have just tried that. Here:

None of them work, though i am pretty convinced its something to do with my player need a health value or something… maybe?

Try going back to your first setup, connect the Other Actor pin to the Damaged Actor and set the damage to 10000. Does the player die then? Sounds like your issue is the HUD display of damage taken, not the actual damage node.

Also, what type of project are you using? In ShooterGame, no damage type is needed and just the trigger and damage nodes are needed to do what you’re going for as I showed in my screen above. Even without the GetPlayerCharacter node. Would be helpful to know the project you are working with since they are all set up slightly different.

Ok I’ve set the damage to 1000 and the player doesn’t die.
I’m using the third person blueprint project template if that’s what you’re asking.


I might be wrong on this, but if I recall correctly, the current Character implementation does not even have health (unlike the one in UDK). So in order to display health or to take damage, you actually have to create variable that stores the health of your pawn in the first place.

In the pawn defaults there is a Health section, which was set to 0.0 but now I’ve set it to 100 and still nothing happens.

In your character bp you should have a health variable (otherwise create one) -> add it to the event graph -> and then set up something like this -> play the game -> on the screen you should see some messages:

now we know if it doesn’t work because of the hud or a bug/error/other stuff ^^

Now do the same with the damage:

(the event is fired when a apply damage is activated in my sword bp)

When you dont have anything from what I show above you will have to create a health and damage system first before you can create a health bar ^^


In the character blueprint when I add the health variable like you showed the repeated message “health:100” appears flowing down the left side of the screen.

I think I did the second part correctly (I added it to the character blueprint)

I walk though the fire and the message “health-70” prints on the screen and then if I walk through again the message “health100” prints on the screen.
Ill add that I’ve set the fire to deal 30 base damage.

Still my players health does not decrease.

Ok, then the health bar causes the problem ^^ -> could you post a picture of your setup or when it is a bigger bp a video?

Ok ill post a set of images. but just a question. why does my health got from 100 to -70 then back to 100 when I walk through the fire again?

Actually I dont know why he is doing that :stuck_out_tongue: (I will have to see your setup)

I’m just uploading the video. could take a while… but I hope not

The video is here: https:///watch?v=
It’s a little bad quality wise but I have a thread here with screen shots of all my HUD Blueprints: https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?27041-HUD-menu-not-showing-up-on-screen-with-quot-M-quot-key
The issue I had in that thread is now resolved.