Health Bar as child of Spring Arm component shows double on own actor

I posted this issue once, and then I thought I solved it, but I was wrong…

When I put my health bar widget as a child of my spring arm component, it shows 1 health bar on each character except my own character has 2.
When I put it as a child of the static mesh or plane, its just 1 health bar on each character, but it doesn’t have the behavior I need (I need it to follow the camera spring arm because camera movement is modified by the player through the spring arm).

Is this a bug?


Too little information show us more pictures what do you mean by two bars, delete the widget from the player and play is there a widget when you start the game on the player? Show us the widget as well.

By 2 bars, I mean there is one bar in one spot, and then somewhat diagonal off to the bottom right there is another one in the same rotation. I couldn’t screenshot it right now because it seems to be gone. It seems like the issue might come and go depending on what I do… or it might just be resolved after several program restarts? I am trying to see if I can reproduce/pinpoint it.