health and dead blueprint system

hello. I am earlier sometime made damage system, but not working. Health is decreasing, but not kill player when 0. If i jump with player over map then it kills and respawn. I have made killz volume. Here is mu blueprints (I am rookie) and I have watched tutorials, but not working:
Healthbar binding some strange note what i don’t understand

enemy damage effect

player/physics ball damage system, this has maybe something wrong

Hope someone can help

The note is in case your pawn is a different type and the cast fails, as long as u only have one player pawn you can ignore it, just connect it to the return node to make it go away.
The problem is indeed in your last picture, the first branch is always false so remove it.
Now it should set isDead when ur HP is <= 0 and the branch afterwards is then true.

ok thanks, now it works. next thing is to attach dead effect when actor destroyed, like that: Screen capture - 260521de4e8401582ef14fdda03a1d0d - Gyazo. Have to think that how to get bigger that effect and that it is shown like 5 second and then respawn. Respawn is working but immediately. And is there good tutorial that how to attach like 3 lives to player. Making ball game where player 3 or 5 lives and then game over

You can add an Integer to your Character called “Lifes” default 3 and when you die decrease it by 1.
I could also tell you how to make the rest but you would not learn much from it.
Just a few tipps:

  • Dont use Event Tick to determine if u are alive or not -> use Functions.
  • Look into the ParticleEffect you want to use
  • Delay helps you to delay the respawn.

ok thanks again. I have earlier made couple unreal projects and one is for sale, but this is first timie when doing respawn and live system. Earlier I have had only one life, but have to study hard