Health 0 --> Game Over Screen


Can anyone help with the Code for when health is 0 I will change level to a Game Over level.


Thanks. Can you tell me how you created your Event AnyDamage.

Right click in the graph and type it in.

It didnt work, but see this Blueprint and tell me whats wrong with it :slight_smile: Bild1

UE4 has a whole damage system ready to go. You’re not using it at the moment. Try this:

This you way you do not need to cast.

If you wanted to do it the hard way:

  • in the player:


  • and then something hurts them:

Up to you which method to choose. But why reinvent the wheel? If you go the originally suggested Apply / Receive damage route, you get to the more interesting parts:


And then you also can start using Damage Type classes.

Thank you so much! Now it works :smiley:

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