Healing Abilty Problem


About a week ago i started a “project” i wanted to try and make a game , 3rd person RPG game , therefore started watching tutorials , everything went well , i made health regeneration ,made mana regeneration then i was editing the hud for the game and i don’t know how but , i realised the progression bar for the mana was gone i thought if i was gonna replace the progression bar with something with the same name “Mana” everything it will stay linked again from the previous blueprints,** i was wrong**.
Everything is working , the spell is working , the animation works perfectly , it is replanishing health but it also replanishes mana instead of using it , since i am a newbie that got in UE4 just almost 1 week ago i am not sure of what to do and i don’t want to mess even more my project , so if can someone tell me how can i do to use the mana not replanish it with the same value as it replanishes health i will be forever greateful.

Thanky you,